Beyond Eros and Backpage: A Comprehensive Escort Advertising Directory

beyond eros and backpage

A great little ebook by Amanda Brooks.

Since 2002, I have collected a huge number of advertising malls and discussion boards. Sometimes I advertised on them, sometimes not. I collected even more when I traveled through several countries. One of the most popular requests on a ladies’ discussion board is about advertising options. So…I decided to put out this collection of websites, along with a brief summary of what they offer for an independent Internet escort. Yes, Eros and Backpage are included but they’re neither the beginning or end of the book!

I can’t (and won’t) guarantee each and every site will work for you, but I’d be truly surprised if you didn’t discover a couple of new sites that do. That will certainly make it worth your one-time investment of $4.99. (It also saves you the time of having to find these sites in the first place, by Google or following links.) Newsletter readers will get a generous early-order discount, so sign up if you haven’t already! That discount will also go to anyone else who has ordered my books from me (not Amazon) — details on that in the newsletter as well.

No release date is set, as there is final editing and formatting to do, but it will be released in the spring.

This site will be more fully developed before the release but queued with my web designer and have to wait my turn.